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Cotton and PSF

SANZ sources raw cotton from most of the cotton producing countries.

We export Polyester Staple Fibre (PSF) to our buyers from far-east and south-east Asia.

Yarn, Fabric & Garments

SANZ offers 100% cotton yarn, melange yarn, flex yarn, synthetic yarn and specialty cotton yarn. For cotton yarn, we have open end, ring spun carded, ring spun combed and compact. We have commercially treated flame resistant fabric.

We work as a buying agent for our overseas clients and organize exports of a wide array of apparels such as sweaters, shirts, jeans, trousers, shorts, jackets, tank tops, T-Shirts/polo-shirts, pullovers etc. to Europe, North America, Canada and Middle East. Our office negotiates orders on behalf of our principals against specific designs, quality and quantity at a very competitive price and gets the job done within the lead-time for shipment. We have our own set of experienced quality inspectors whom we deploy at the production floors during manufacturing jobs. We take the total responsibility right from fabric selection through production, quality inspection/control and timely shipment.

Grain & Feeds

SANZ trades and markets wheat, corn, soybean, canola, sugar and more from Brazil, Argentina, USA, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, India and Australia.

The commodities are offered in bulk or by containers for our clients.

Pulses & Lentils

SANZ exports red lentil, green and yellow peas, mustard and chickpeas into several countries.

We offer these products in container and full vessel